2019-2020 Executive Council Team:


Co-Presidents: Amanda Dennie and Mariam Ali


VP Academic: Harshadaa Deshpande

NTC Coordinators: Erika Carrera and Venia Xin Ma

Journal Coordinator: Karin Cinalioglu

VP Communications: Millie Valencia

VP External: Rishni Bhandari

VP Internal: Malka Reich


VP Science: Jessie Bull


VP Arts: Zainab Mehdi

U1 Rep: Karine Talbot


U2 Rep: Lauren McAuley


U3 Rep: Marlee Brownstein

VP Finance: Élissa Colucci

What is MPSA?

We are the McGill Psychology Students' Association, an undergraduate departmental association under both the Arts Undergraduate Society and the Science Undergraduate Society.  We are the McGill Psychology's community source of academic events and resources - grad school prep panels, peer tutoring, our own undergraduate research journal (Psi), and lecture transcriptions for harder classes (NTCs). We also host a number of social events throughout the year for psychology students - an annual graduation formal, apple picking, and ice skating, just to name a few! 

Previous Executive Council Teams: