Research Assistant at Montreal Neurological Institute – Laboratory of Cerebrovascular Research

Primary Duties

The research program focuses on the cerebrovascular and cognitive deficits related to Alzheimer disease and vascular dementia. The RA will be responsible for his/her own research projects related to the investigation of cerebrovascular and cognitive function in different animal models, as determined by the principal investigator (PI). Main responsibility will involve:

1. Become familiar with key techniques available in the laboratory.

2. Develop new techniques or research methodology when needed and transmit them to the trainees.  

3. Present his/her work at meetings at the lab and at external meetings.

4. Contribute to the writing of his/her scientific papers.

5. Keep up to date with the literature relevant to his/her projects, and integrate relevant information to his/her research project(s).  

6. Responsible for laboratory maintenance, organization, planning orders and overall lab management The RA will be responsible for maintaining our mouse colony including performing genotyping of mouse tail DNA using PCR approaches. He/she will also be involved in training and working with graduate students and post‐doctoral trainees in the lab. 

Education Requirements

* MSc degree, preferably in Biology or Neuroscience with 1-3 years’ experience

Other Qualifying Skills & Abilities

Familiar with software such as Prism, Photoshop, Excel, Image J and others, and with the use of confocal microscopy will be an asset. Familiar with current laboratory techniques such as cerebrovascular reactivity, laser Doppler flowmetry, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence, behavioral studies, quantitative analysis of anatomical images with Metamorph or equivalent software, Western blot analysis and genotyping will be an asset Willing to work weekends due to behavioral studies and treatment protocols that require, at times, a 7 days schedule without interruption. Spoken and written English a requirement and a good understanding of French an asset.

Duration: January 16, 2017 – January 15, 2018

Paid position: Yes, 40hr/week.

Salary details: $27.32 - $30.22/hr

Application deadline: Jan 6, 2017
Contact Name: Dr. Edith Hamel
Contact email: edith.hamel@mcgill