Year/Program: U3 Psychology with a joint minor in sociology and behavioral science


Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Favourite psych class/professor: Only two weeks in but I can already tell PSYC491 will be one of my favorites classes! As for my favorite prof, it’s a tie between Melanie Dirks and David Vachon.

What I look forward to this year: Finally taking the seminars I’ve been waiting for since U1!! Also, finding new, creative initiatives/events to keep psych students engaged despite being scattered across the globe (if you have anything you’d like to see implemented, feel free to email us at mpsa.mcgill@gmail.com or drop by during one of our open meetings) :)


Year/Program: U2 Psychology, Double Minor Sociology and Behavioural Science 

Hometown: Clearview, Ontario 

Favourite psych class/professor: PSYC 304 - Child Development for fav class and Professor Hehman for fav prof 

What I look forward to this year: Getting to host fun events for everyone! This year will certainly be different but I’m excited to see how it goes and to get to know lots of new psych students. I’m also excited to be taking lots of interesting courses.

Year/Program: U4/ Psychology Major, English Literature Minor

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Favourite Psych Class/Prof: PSYC 332 and 471, both with Prof. Koestner, the legend

What I look forward to this year: Working together with our stellar exec team to plan events + meet you guys! I’m also excited for the opportunity to share my knowledge of the psych department (and McGill) with both incoming and existing students :)


Year/Program: U3/ Psychology Major, History and Behavioural Science Minor

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada 

Favourite psych class/professor: Richard Koestner/ Psyc 471 

What I look forward to this year: I am very excited to be working with my MPSA teammates and organizing many amazing psychology events for students! I am also taking a few sociology courses for my behavioural science minor and I am blessed to be taking psyc 332 with Richard Koestner (the legend) so I am looking forward to that :)


Year/Program: U2 Psychology Honours, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Behavioral Science Minor

Hometown: Patiala, India (no one here knows where it is, so here is the google link for some geographical knowledge empowerment PAtiala- Scooby's hometown *wink wink* )

Favorite psych class/professor: I haven’t taken it yet but I know that PSYC 471 by Prof Koestner, the great would be my fav class out of peer pressure. PSYC 215 with Mark Baldwin was also lovelyy, PSYC 302 with Prof Jeff was lit

What I look forward to this year: I look forward to organizing an infinite amount of spicy academic events where we all can become smarter while talking about smart psych-related things, and making a lot of smart psych puns. + I’m excited to do some elbow bumps/ socially-distanced hugs with my fellow MPSA exec members (they’re such lovely peeps, I can’t even T_T) and hopefully, with the person reading this as well heh


Year/Program: U2/ Psychology Major, Marketing Minor

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Favourite psych class/professor: Eric Hehman in PSYC 215 

What I look forward to this year: I’m very excited to get to know everybody with all the events that we have this year and be a part of the psychology community! I’m looking forward to hearing from you with any ideas/ suggestions that you have for us!!


Year/Program: U3 Accounting major, Psychology minor

Hometown: Montreal, Québec

Favourite psych class/professor: Favourite class is personality and social psych and my favourite prof is Melanie Dirks. 

What I look forward to this year: I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at some of our events. I’m especially looking forward to the mentorship program and getting to know a potential mentee. See ya!


Year/Program: U2 Double major Psychology/International Development, Minor in Sociology 

Hometown: Burlington, Ontario

Favourite psych class/professor: Mark Baldwin he taught PSYC 215 was a good time he came to class dressed as the gorilla from the video where all the kids are throwing a ball and it tests if you pay attention to whether or not the gorilla passed behind them 

What I look forward to this year: I am so excited to get to know the rest of the MPSA exec team as well as being able to connect with the psychology community through events!


Year/Program: U2/Psychology + minor interdisciplinary life sciences


Hometown: Calgary, AB

Favourite psych class/professor: PSYCH 333 (Personality and Social Psych) with Jennifer Bartz

What I look forward to this year: Finding new ways to bring back old traditions and making some new experiences along the way!


Year/Program: U3 Psychology, Double Minor Sociology and Behavioural Science

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Favourite psych class/professor: PSYC 471 with Professor Koestner our king 

What I look forward to this year: I am super excited to get to know all of you and to host fun events for everyone and I’m also looking forward to taking some interesting courses this year!


Year/Program: U3/Psychology

Hometown: Aalen, Germany

Favourite psych class/professor: any class with David Vachon or Eric Hehman, I was lucky enough to have them both as supervisors and they are amazing professors/people!

What I look forward to this year: Taking some psych courses i’ve been really looking forward to (for ex Human Motivation, Human Sexuality) and hopefully being able to run some MPSA social events so we can meet all of you!

Year/Program: U4 Psychology & Computer Science Major

Hometown: Gaspe, Quebec

Favourite psych class/professor: Signy Sheldon/PSYC 213

What I look forward to this year: I’m looking forward to giving back to the psychology community, meeting new fellow students + also to the brand-new class PSYC 319!:)


Year/Program: U1 Psychology Major, Education for Arts Students and Behaviour Science Minors

Hometown: North Yarmouth, Maine, US

Favourite psych class/professor: Child development with Professor Dirks has been awesome so far

What I look forward to this year: I’m most excited to have some fun online events in sweats and meet some more lovely folks in the Psych department!! 


Year/Program: U2/ Biology, Minor Psychology 

Hometown: Port-Harcourt, Nigeria 

Favourite psych class/professor: PSYC 215/ Eric Hehman

What I look forward to this year: I’m looking forward to planning events for the psych society at McGill and creating a sense of community amidst the pandemic.


Year/Program: U3/Honours Psychology, Minor Neuroscience

Hometown: Paris, France

Favourite psych class/professor: PSYC 333 / Michael Petrides—what a genius

What I look forward to this year: Starting research and being able to share my experience as a psych student with many of you during our events! I’d love to meet new students and hear your stories, tips, and ideas for this year and for the future :)