Research Assistant for Cognitive Neuroscience Unit, McGill University

Under the supervision of Dr. Michael Petrides, the research assistant (RA) will work on electrophysiology experiments aimed at ‘investigating the contribution of frontal cortical areas to cognitive operations (such as in conditional associative learning, serial order and action monitoring) in the non‐human primate brain’. Specific duties include:
1. Perform the behavioural training of macaque monkeys on the cognitive tasks designed by the principal investigator (PI) and will also conduct microstimulation and single‐ and multielectrode recording on these animals.
2. Will be involved in the analysis of electrophysiology data resulting from electrophysiology experiments.
3. Will be trained on the new advanced technique of wireless microelectrode array recording and data analysis in macaque monkeys using the Blackrock electrophysiology system now available in the laboratory. Will assist in training of new graduate and undergraduate students
on the use of the Blackrock system and assist them during the electrophysiology experiments.
4. Oversee the annual renewal of animal ethics protocols and other documentation necessary for carrying out the electrophysiology experiments in the laboratory.

Minimum Master's degree in related field.

Experience in performing behavioural training with macaque monkeys and electrophysiology recording and microstimulation in awake behaving monkeys. Experience with programming in MATLAB and the use of Plexon or Blackrock electrophysiology systems and knowledge of analysis of single neuron electrophysiological data would be an asset.

Application deadline: November 22, 2016

Contract date: Dec 1, 2016 - May 31, 2017

Salary details: Paid.  20hr/week
Contact Name: 
Dr. Michael Petrides
Contact email: michael.petrides@mcgill.ca