Research Assistant at the Behavioural Neurogenomics and Circuits Lab

Primary Duties

The Behavioural Neurogenomics and Circuits Lab in the Department of Psychology at McGill University (https://www.mcgill.ca/psychology/rosemary-c-bagot) is seeking an enthusiastic, highly motivated, full-time (35h/wk) research assistant to join our team. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach integrating in vitro electrophysiology, in vivo optogenetics, in vivo calcium imaging and next-generation sequencing in mouse behavioural models to uncover mechanisms of altered brain circuit function of relevance to depression.

* Perform mouse behavioural, stereotaxic surgery, microscopy and basic molecular biology experiments

* Experimental design & trouble-shooting

* Statistical analysis of experimental data

* Develop new rodent behavioural research methodologies

* Conduct literature reviews of research

* Write and maintain animal ethics protocols

Education Requirements

* For Research Assistant – minimum requirement: Master’s in Psychology

Other Qualifying Skills & Abilities

The ideal candidate will be fluently bilingual and comfortable working both independently and as part of a team. Extensive experience in rodent behaviour and stereotaxic surgery are essential and microscopy skills are highly desirable.

Please submit your application to: Dr. Rosemary Bagot Stewart Biology, N8/4 or via email to rosemary.bagot@mcgill.ca

- Applicants must submit a short summary (1/2 page) outlining your interest in working in the lab & your present and future goals

- a list of up to three references

Duration: TBD

Paid position: Yes, 35 hr/week.

Salary details: $27.32/hr

Application deadline: Dec 20, 2016
Contact Name: Dr. Rosemary Bagot
Contact email: rosemary.bagot@mcgill.ca