Yuvika Dandiwal

Vice President Academic

Year/Program: U2 Psychology Honours, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Behavioral Science Minor

Hometown: Patiala, India (no one here knows where it is, so here is the google link for some geographical knowledge empowerment PAtiala- Scooby's hometown *wink wink* )

Favorite psych class/professor: I haven’t taken it yet but I know that PSYC 471 by Prof Koestner, the great would be my fav class out of peer pressure. PSYC 215 with Mark Baldwin was also lovelyy, PSYC 302 with Prof Jeff was lit

What I look forward to this year: I look forward to organizing an infinite amount of spicy academic events where we all can become smarter while talking about smart psych-related things, and making a lot of smart psych puns. + I’m excited to do some elbow bumps/ socially-distanced hugs with my fellow MPSA exec members (they’re such lovely peeps, I can’t even T_T) and hopefully, with the person reading this as well heh