McGill Psychology Students' Association (MPSA)

McGill Psychology Students' Association (MPSA) is an undergraduate student association at McGill University. We are the McGill psychology community's source of academic and social events and resources for students.


The MPSA offers students many services and events to benefit from. 


Word-for-word transcriptions of what the professor has said in class. Highlights key points and important figures. 

Offered in Winter 2021 for: PSYC 212, PSYC 302, PSYC 412, & PSYC 471

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Have fellow students mentor you and guide you through your undergraduate journey

Peer tutoring to help you out with your classes  


Clothing with customizations for the Psychology Department

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Showcase of undergraduate research done independently or through a supervised project

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Academic & social events to get you involved in the psychology community 

Where can you find our office?

Room 478, 2001 McGill College Avenue

Montreal, Quebec
*currently closed due to COVID restrictions*


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