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Your  Exec!

Hi, Im Fiona Deodato and I am so excited to be your U3 Rep for this academic year. I am from France and this is my third year at McGill, majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Behavioural Science and Italian studies. Some of my favorite hobbies include going for brunch, exploring Montreal, playing guitar and of course hanging out with my dog (let me know if you need dog therapy!!) I am excited to get this year started and meet you all! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or just want to chat because I love meeting new people!

Hi! My name is Emily and I’m one of the NTC Coordinators! I spend the majority of my time on Schu 6 stu(dying) & I LOVE the brain and anything neuroscience related! My favourite pastime is asking my friends to send me pictures of their pets because I’m too allergic to have my own!

Hey psych students! My name is Alisha and I’m your VP Finance this year! This is my second year with the MPSA and my last year at McGill, and I’m a BSc student majoring in Psychology. Aside from council, you can find me dancing and teaching with McGill’s Recreational Dance Company (come take a class!). My other talents include falling asleep in public places, eating a lot of takeout, and not being able to walk in heels. I’m super excited to meet you all and please feel free to reach out and contact me!

Hello! My name is Lilith Shiloh and I'll be your VP Arts on the MPSA council this year. I've been pretty set on learning how to do a good handstand lately so when I have got some free time, I've made it a goal to do one on as many walls at McGill as I can. I may be that loud crash you hear in Stewart Biology. One of the reasons I love psychology is because I believe it catalyzes self-reflection and self-awareness, and key for building an empathetic community. I dream of becoming a dog mom and kicking butt in the fields of law and mental health. I'm always looking for a coffee run buddy (hmu), and hope to meet as many of you from the psychology student body as possible. 

Hiya, I'm Terra your U2 rep this year and will be organizing a couple of great activities for you all! I really enjoy psychology because I love interacting with people and am a great listener, so come by the office anytime for a chat! If I'm not out for a bike ride, you'll probably find me cuddled up on a sofa, knitting a pair of socks. Hope to see you all around this year!

HEY Y’ALL! My Name is Bobbie and welcome to our site! I’m your VP Communications for the year, which means I will be communicating with many of you directly through a weekly Listerv (plz laugh at my jokes). This will be my third year at McGill and I am majoring in Psych with a double minor in Sociology and Communications Studies. I love to hang out at my apartment in the ghetto with my roommates snacking on Chef On Call and watching Netflix! If you ever see me around please feel free to say hi! And Follow us on Snapchat and Insta! 

Hi everyone! I’m Gaiana and I’ll be one of your NTC Coordinators this year. I am currently in my third year of psychology with a double minor in behavioural science and sociology. I chose to study psychology because I love how multi-dimensional it is. From investigating why we do certain things to how our brains function, it is a never ending field of knowledge. During my free time at McGill, I like to go explore the city and try different coffee shops. I am beyond excited to be a part of MPSA and i can’t wait to meet you guys!

Hello! My name is Bryn, and I'm one of your MPSA Co-Presidents this year. This is my fourth year at McGill, and I'm an ArtSci Student studying Psychology and International Development. When I'm not studying on the 4th Floor of Schulich, I can be found hanging out with my foster cats, or checking out new restaurants around Montreal, taking pictures of every dog I see along the way! I'm really excited for this year!

Hi there! My name is Sofia Osorno and I am so excited to be your VP External for this year. My favourite thing to do is go for brunch in Montreal, especially L'avenue. I am very interested in Abnormal Psychology and how its research can help so many people. I am from Mexico and I am a third year student with a double minor in Behavioral Science and Marketing. Send me and email if you ever need anything at

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I’m your VP Internal this year! One of my favorite things to do during my free time is go around Montreal, find coffee houses, and mainly chill on my balcony. I love psychology because I think it brings us a greater understanding of the human mind as well as human behaviors, which I find fascinating. Some things about me include that I am French (but grew up most of my life in New York), I love love coffee, and I am always excited for new adventures! If you ever see me at the office or around campus feel free to say hi, I love meeting new people 

What’s up my dudes? My name is Aurélie and I’m the Journal Coordinator for the MPSA! This is my last year at McGill as a BA student majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Behavioural Science and Biology. When I’m not napping, I’m more than likely on the look-out for dogs I can pet while power-walking to class. I have pretty broad interests in Psychology so hit me up if you want to chat about your broad interests too! Or specific interests! Or any interests! Hope to see y’all around~~

My name is Idil and I am psyched to be your VP Academic this year. I major in Psychology and minor in Economics and marketing. I currently work in a psychology and marketing laboratory. I also love my role as Floor Fellow at La Citadelle. As VP Academic I will plan events such as the case competition, help get you in touch with professors, answer your academic questions and everything else in between!

Hi psych friends! My name is Leora and I am your VP Science for 2017-2018. This is my third year at McGill and some of my favourite things to do are playing piano, swimming, and finding new places to study in the sun (hmu if you have any recommendations). I’m getting my BSc in Psychology with an Interdisciplinary Life Sciences minor, and I’m especially interested in neurodegenerative diseases. I will be representing all of you science psych students, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions / suggestions / want someone new to study with!

Hi! My name is Véronique (or Ronnie) and I am a U1 Student majoring in Psychology, with potential minors in Behavioral Science and Gender, Sexuality, Feminist & Social Justice Studies. My professional aim is to be a part of the movement within psychology that will be responsible for the accommodation of the legal system for findings in the field, consequently aiding – for example – victims of sexual assault for whom progressive disclosure has yet to be acknowledge as a legitimate process or conversely working to create a mechanism for the incarceration of psychopathic individuals. Additionally, I work as a crisis intervention counsellor at both Suicide Action Montreal and Revivre (an organization that deals predominantly with depression, generalized anxiety disorder and mood disorders). With a significant passion for music, I have been playing since the age of 3 years old and have just recently released an album. On campus, I can be found studying in the Islamic Studies Library or participating in the organization of Model United Nations, Debate or Case Tournaments.

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