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Meet your 2019-2020 executive team:




Year/Program: U4 Psychology, with Behavioural Science and Anthropology 

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan (but Montreal is slowly becoming my new home) 

Talk to me about…  

  • Planning fun events to meet other students/or any event at all!  

  • any clothing or merchandise you’d like to see that we don’t already provide 

  • New initiatives for psychology students 

  • Anything on your mind! 

  • Memes 

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: a tough draw between PSYC 436 Human Sexuality, and PSYC 412 Developmental Psychopathology (but also any class with Koestner!!! Learning about attachment in PSYC 332 was like free therapy ngl) 

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… hanging out at the MPSA office or sleeping. I get a solid 9 hours of sleep every night and nothing can come between me and dodo (I live in Montreal now so I guess I’m francophone ://) 

After I graduate, I hope to be… helping children navigate the complex world of mental health (with counselling), opening my own ASD clinic/daycare, or frolicking with orangutans in Indonesia 

co prez
Mandy From the Block.jpg



Year/Program: U3 Psychology with minors in behavioral science and sociology (although I have only taken SOCI210 and 211 so far, so do I still deserve this title?)

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Talk to me about…

  • How the MPSA can best aid and improve your undergrad experience at McGill

  • Event ideas!!

  • How to get involved in research or clinical opportunities (I can talk your ear off about this!)

  • The future of research in psychology more broadly (publish or perish, replication crisis, intersectionality, issues with who/what gets published, etc.)

  • Anything, really :)

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: In no particular order: PSYC475 (Neuroscience of Social Psychology), PSYC328 (Health Psychology), PSYC412 (Developmental Psychopathology) and PSYC406 (Psychological Tests)

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably... watching Mindhunter, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Silicon Valley or reading psych/business-adjacent books (some of my favorites include “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” by former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss and “No: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home” by Jim Camp).

After I graduate... I have several options on my radar! In an ideal world, I would either pursue a masters in criminology before doing a PhD in clinical psychology or  do a joint PhD/JD program…although a small but persisting part of me is also really intrigued by industrial and organizational psychology. My master plan is (get ready!) to be a forensic psychologist (practicing and researching) for a few years before switching into advocacy work and policy-making based on research. Knowledge translation is something that is so important! I’m currently working at a halfway house specialised in forensic psychiatry where residents have both persisting mental health issues and are in conflict with the law in some capacity (NCR, have been incarcerated, etc.) and have had the chance to see firsthand how the legal and the health system interact and sometimes fail patients, oftentimes those of marginalised communities, so this is definitely something I am passionate about.

zainab 5.jpg


VP Arts

Year/Program: U4 Psychology, with Behavioural Science and Economics

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan 

Talk to me about…  

  • How to get research opportunities

  • Events you would like MPSA to organize to help you in any way

  • Course recommendations especially for List A!

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: PSYC 311 because Petrides is amazing and nobody has ever made the brain so interesting, PSYC 444 with Solomonova since you learn many cool facts about sleep from a very great prof

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… at the lab chillin with my rats (just kidding), cooking and watching some Netflix :)

After I graduate, I hope to be… employed and doing something I love. I don’t know what that is right now, and that’s okay!

jessie vp science.jpg


VP Science

Year / Program: U2 Honours Psychology

Hometown: Pemberton, BC

Talk to me about...

  • What kind of events you’d like to see the MPSA host

  • the process of applying to honours / finding a supervisor

  • Anything that has to do with SUS 

  • Amateur career advice, I love brainstorming ideas based on people's interests lol

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: PSYC 471, human motivation <3

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably … Re-watching the whole twilight series with my roommmates, baking, going to the gym, or partying hehe

After I graduate, I hope to…. First take a break from school to work then pursue grad school and a career in an applied psychology (right now I'm mainly looking at I-O psych but also sports psych, educational psych, or environmental psych… I just want to find a more effective/efficient way for people to do things in different settings!!)



VP Finance

Year/Program: U2 major in accounting and minor in psychology

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Talk to me about…

  • finding $$ for your psychology-related events!

  • balancing costs and revenues to optimize our budget for the year

  • source of funds and fundraising strategies to expand our offerings

Favourite psychology class at McGill: Psych 333 Personality and Social psych

If I’m not drowning in school work I’m probably… watching the Raptors, networking on LinkedIn, cooking, bouldering, or watching YouTube conspiracy theories on McLennan 5 (6 is haunted). I also love working with kids and teaching!

After I graduate… I hope to pursue a CPA designation and see where the world of business takes me. I also want to keep learning as much as I can about psychology and about people generally.



VP Internal

Year/Program: U3 Major in Psychology, Minor in World Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Talk to me...

  • if you need tutoring or

  • are willing to volunteer to tutor certain PSYC classes (we NEED you) 

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: PSYC 304 (Child Development) because I LOVE babies and have had baby fever for the past 3 years. Also professor Dirks is my favorite prof in the world (SHE THREW HALLOWEEN CANDY AT US). Although it's not the most popularly liked class (if that makes sense) I find the material super interesting and the class super interesting

If I'm not drowning in school work, I'm probably... honestly, I never allow myself to drown in school work because I value my sleep and happiness too much 😂 I never stay up late and don't let studying get me over stressed. But, when I'm not doing things last minute for school, you can probably find me eating somewhere and taking 100000 pics for my wannabe food Instagram account or watching 90 Day Fiance or any other trash TV show (British ones are my personal fave) 

After I graduate... I honestly have no idea what I wanna do other than that I want to go to graduate school for SOMETHING. Every day I come up with something new. But honestly, I'm just doing my best, living my life and seeing where life takes me :) Cause remember it's not about the destination, it's about the journey (inspirational, I know ;) )



VP External

Year/Program: Final year (plus half a semester more) studying Psychology and Marketing 

Hometown: New Delhi, India.

Talk to me about... 

  • Booking locations for the amazing events the MPSA hosts

  • Psychology and marketing

  • Just about anything else!

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: PSYC 301 Animal Learning and Theory 

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… brunching with my roommates with good music

After I graduate, I hope to be… Anything I possibly can, I’m still not sure what that is



NTC Coordinator

Year/Program: U4 Psychology, Double Minor Behavioral Science and Anthropology

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Talk to me about…

  • Courses you’d want NTCs for!

  • Questions about NTCs and what the writer/editor positions entail

  • Your worries and your troubles

  • NTCs!!!

  • Everything that’s wrong with the last season of That 70’s Show

Favorite Psychology Class(es) at McGill: PSYC332 with Professor Koestner!! Loved hearing him tell us that he’s an Introvert™ every class

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… catching up on one of the Baking Championships on Food Network or I’m at the lab or I’m at work because things cost money

After I graduate, I hope to be… a grad student in the school/applied child psychology program



NTC Coordinator

Year/Program: Bachelor of Arts, U1; Major: Psychology; Minor Educational and Counselling Psychology

Hometown: technically, my hometown is a village but since google maps don't acknowledge its existence, I go with Patiala, India

Talk to me about...

  • NTC's: any improvements or modifications you want in the NTC transcripts

  • How you can, and why you should apply to be an NTC writer/editor 

  • Ways to get involved in the Psych community within and beyond McGill

  • The meaning of life 

  • And, why we shouldn't be talking about the meaning of life

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: I'm a baby psych major as of now and have only taken introductory psych classes so don't judge when I say "PSYC 215"

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… still drowning in schoolwork or signing up for new activities and extracurriculars even when I don't have the time. I have sacrificed my soul to the psychology community (or as Sherlock might say, "I am married to my work.") which is why you can see me desperately trying to juggle academics with research work, ABA therapy work and psychology tutoring pretty much all the time (#whosaidiamcomplaining)

After I graduate, I hope to be… (*dramatic pause*) GRADUATE SCHOOL (I bet you didn't see THAT coming) and do research in the field of suicidology. Additionally, I hope to be a mental health activist in the developing world:)

Karin Cinalioglu (2).jpg


Journal Coordinator

Year/ Program: Fourth year Major Psychology, Double Minor Behavioral Science and Management

Hometown: Bursa, Turkey

Talk to me about...

  • How to become a part of an editor team that reviews student submissions for the PSI Journal 

  • Applying or submitting papers for the journal!!

  • The Journal Launch event I will be organizing towards the end of the year (stay tuned for updates!)

Favorite psychology class(es) at McGill: KOESTNER!

If I'm not drowning in school work, I'm probably... either forgetting something or baking/hanging out with friends as a means of procrastinating.

After I graduate, I hope to... continue into grad school to pursue a career in industrial or clinical psychology.



VP Academic

Year/Program: Fourth year Major Psychology, Double Minor Behavioral Science and Management

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Talk to me about…  

  • Anything related to research at McGill and events you would like the MPSA to organize 

  • Any restaurant or cafe recommendations you may have! (especially if it involves dessert or SPICY FOOD ^_^) 

  • Come talk to me about anything you want! I love learning about new things :0 

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: PSYC 412 with Prof. Dirks and PSYC 351 with Prof. Baldwin (I love them both so much, taking any class with them is a privilege)

If I’m not drowning in school work I'm probably... catching up with friends / trying to discover new bars and cafes / at dragon boat practice / crying over BTS / sleeping / scrolling through pinterest when I should be sleeping

After I graduate I hope to be... a graduate student in clinical psychology, but more importantly, I hope to learn more about my beliefs and values, and keep growing as a person!



VP Communications

Year/Program: U2 Psychology (with minors that are always changing)

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Talk to me about…

  • Creative ways to get people’s attention online (without being too annoying)

  • The struggle of website revamping

  • Any psych-related memes or trendy GIFS I can sneak into the listservs

  • New sticker design ideas!

  • The multitude of ways MPSA keeps you in-the-know of any upcoming events and opportunities for Psychology students 

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: PSYC 332… like literally every other exec haha (did horrible in the exams, but I learned a lot about myself!)

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… doing some form of calligraphy or digital illustrations (like designing new MPSA stickers!!!), working as a restaurant server (but you’ll also find me here when I’m off duty), karaoking with friends (go-to songs: Baby - Justin Bieber, Let It Go - Frozen, Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen, Someone Like You - Adele), tucked in bed with Netflix/Disney+/YouTube on (current favourites: The End Of The F***ing World, Elite, The Good Place, HSMTMTS, David Dobrik, Jubilee, Tiffany Ferg, bestdressed, NickRewind) or catching up on house chores *insert crying emoji here*.

After I graduate, I hope to be… no longer be in an ~existential crisis~ and actually know what I want to do! Hopefully I’ll be helping others reach their fullest potential, and mayyybee possiblyyyy doing something related to graphic design and communications (this exec position is my trial run, wish me luck!)



U1 Representative

Year/Program: U1 Psychology, Double Minor Political Science and Behavioural Science

Hometown: Clearview, Ontario

Talk to me about… 

  • different events you want the MPSA to plan 

  • what the heck you want to do after U1 (honours, research, etc.)

  • interesting and fun courses to take at McGill

  • absolutely anything! say hi to me on campus or come hang out in the office 

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: I’m still suffering through mostly 200 level classes but as of now I am loving PSYC 310 - Intelligence 

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… figure skating or catching up on all of the shows on Netflix I should have watched years ago

After I graduate, I hope to... continue to grad school to become a child psychologist in a hospital or an educational setting!



U2 Representative

Year/Program: Third year Double Major in Psychology and Sociology 

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Talk to me about…  

  • Favourite Psyc courses 

  • Best study spots on Campus - I would love to hear yours!

  • What you want to see from the MPSA this year

  • Anything! Come say hi during office hours or on campus :)

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: PSYC 337

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… cooking or binging some Netflix!

After I graduate, I hope to... go to grad school for I/O or clinical psychology



U3 Representative

Year/Program: U3 Honours Psychology, with a minor in Sociology!

Hometown: Côte Saint-Luc, QC

Talk to me about…  

  • Events you’d like to see from the MPSA (academic & social)!

  • Research research research and the Honours Program (I can talk about research forever)

  • Questions about graduate school (I’ve probably looked into all your questions already)

  • Course recommendations (I’m sadly graduating this year. Maybe you can take some of the courses I wanted to take, and I can live vicariously through you?)

Favourite psychology class(es) at McGill: PSYC 412 & PSYC 332 (highly recommend taking one of Dr. Dirks’ and Dr. Koestner’s classes before you graduate!)

If I’m not drowning in school work, I’m probably… attending a theatre production, skiing, swimming, kayaking, or just curling up at home with a good book or Netflix show!

After I graduate, I hope to be… a graduate student in Clinical Psychology :)

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