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PART 2: Honours

Presenter: Marlee Brownstein (U3 Rep)



  • Is the Behavioural Science minor needed to fulfill the OPQ requirements?

    • Arts students who are not in the Honours program can complete the Behavioural Science minor, in order to have sufficient psychology credits in their degree to complete the 42 credits required for membership in the OPQ.

  • How many people are in each honours class?

    • In Marlee's cohort, there are about 30 students, though this number varies.

  • Which is more recommended between doing honours or doing a major with a Behavioural Science minor?

    • Honours​


PART 1: Research Courses

Presenter: Harshadaa Deshpandee (VP Academic)






  • When should you start thinking about doing a research/thesis course and registering for them?

    • Most courses are restricted to U2 students, or U2 students are given priority. However, one of the biggest hurdles for research project courses is finding a supervisor, so start doing that as soon as you can.​

  • Do research method courses fulfill a "research course" requirement for grad school?

    • Yes, though they're not as strong as other research project/thesis courses in applications

  • Should we take research method courses before research project courses?

    • Not necessarily, but it is recommended because it gives you the confidence to tackle the process since profs/TAs give a lot of scaffolding and guidance in research method courses. You can take both courses simultaneously, and even if you take a research methods course after doing a project, it won't go to waste.​

  • What do you put on your CV if you have no experience?​​

    • Any experience that demonstrates leadership and involvement​. If you're in a lower year, it is more forgivable if you don't have any research experience yet. Feel free to email the MPSA your CV, and Harshadaa can give you feedback.


PART 3: Research Experience, Funding, Internships, Research Abroad

Presenter: Amanda Dennie (Co-President)



  • Can you apply for the Arts Student Employment Fund if your supervisor is not a Psychology professor?

    • Yes, email the AUS VP Academic asking them to email your supervisor the form to apply if they don't already have it.

  • What are some departments outside of Psychology that could offer relevant research opportunities for a psych student?

    • Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Social Work

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