The PSI Journal is McGill's undergraduate psychology journal. Our primary mission is to showcase undergraduate excellence and promote engagement in research and academic writing.
With topics ranging from psychiatry to behavioural neuroscience to quantitative techniques, each edition of the PSI Journal is a time capsule of the ground-breaking contributions of McGill undergraduate students to the field of psychology.

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Submission deadline: Feb 15, 2021 11:59PM

Please ensure that your submission meets the following:

1.   Paper

  • Double-spaced, 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial)

  • Word limit: 4500 words, excluding abstract, tables, figures, and references

  • Article must be submitted as a Word document

  • Citations and references in APA 7th edition style

  • Tables and figures should be included in a separate document, or at the end of the manuscript (not embedded within the main text)

2.   Application Form

  • Include signatures of all authors and the instructor or supervisor

Send your completed application package by email to:

Q: Do I have to be a psychology student to submit a paper?
A: No! Psychology is a beautifully diverse discipline and we encourage submissions from students in psych-adjacent fields, such as sociology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and beyond.  
Q: Can I submit a paper as a graduate student?
A: You are welcome to submit papers that were written during your undergraduate career.
Q: Can I submit a paper that was written last year?
A: We accept papers that were completed in the current and previous school year (ie. 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic year).
Q: How often do you publish?
A:  The PSI Journal is published annually at the end of Winter semester.
Q: How do I become an editor?
A: We recruit at the beginning of Fall semester. Keep an eye out for an application!
Q: I submitted a paper… What now?
A: Our editorial team will select the best papers based on the interest, significance, and quality of the work. If your paper is selected, you will be notified and we will begin the editing process to ensure the paper fits our formatting and stylistic standards. In April, we will host a journal launch to celebrate your work!

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Hi! I'm a U3 Psych student with a Life Sciences minor. I'm really interested in aging, health education, and movement disorders. 

Favourite PSYC class: 302 with Mogil!

Joyce Wu

Journal Coordinator

Hi! I’m a U2 Honours Psychology major.

I spend most of my time doing neuropathological research on depression, and working out hard for the brain + body gainz.

“Help yourself by helping others” -John Templeton

Mathew Apostolatos

Managing Editor

Hello! I'm a U2 Cognitive Science major and GSFS minor, and I am hoping to go to grad school for clinical psychology!

Psychology of Pain (302) with Dr Jeffery Mogil was my favourite PSYC class!

Bronwen Lathrop


Hi! I'm in U2 Honours Psychology, and

I'd like to pursue clinical psychology as

a career! I'm specifically interested in mood and anxiety disorders.

Favourite PSYC class: 337 or 304!!

Fun fact: my favourite activity is camping!

Helen Liu


Hey! I’m a U2 Psychology student with a minor in communications. I’m interested in pursuing a career in educational or counselling psychology!

Favourite class: Psyc of Pain (302)

Matthew Campbell


Hi! I'm in U2 and I study Anatomy & Cell Bio, with a minor in Psychology. I'm interested in the neurobiology of mental health disorders, and in how to improve their treatment options :)

Fun Fact: I speak 4 languages!

Sofia Hempelmann Perez


Meet the people working behind the scenes on our 2021 edition!

Hey! I'm a U3 Physiology student, also completing an Entrepreneurship minor. The only PSYC class I've taken was 212 (Perception), and I really enjoyed it!

Fun Fact: I love matcha & tea in general :)

Megane Pepin

Design Director


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