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Certified Note Seller Membership Program

Take notes and make money! 

The MPSA is offering to certify your notes for selling. Each semester, students who wish to sell their notes can email the MPSA order to be featured and advertised on the official note seller list. For inquiries, click below.



The MPSA sells NTCs (transcriptions of the lecture/word for word notes) every semester for in-demand psychology classes.

For any questions email us at:


Students who have previously excelled in the 200-level psychology classes will tutor you through the course. 

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Departmental Merch

Check out our clothing catalogue and fill out your orders. 
We also sell stickers (available at our office when an exec is in).

PSI Journal

The PSI Journal showcases insightful undergraduate research done independently or through a supervised project. Submissions are peer-reviewed by undergraduate students with backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science and other related fields.   

If you are interested in submitting a paper or joining the editorial team, send an email to: 

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Academic & social events to get you involved in the psychology community

Every year our execs plan events catering to students in the Psychology program.

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